Emergency Management Procedures

Dial  triple zero -000 to contact emergency services if there any of the following police attendance criteria are met:

  1. Death or injury that needs medical attention from a qualified ambulance officer, nurse or doctor.
  2. Suspected involvement of drugs and/or alcohol.
  3. A driver failed or is refusing to provide required details.
  4. A hazardous environment or threat to public safety exists, including traffic congestion (EG fuel spill, fallen power lines)
  5. A driver with an impairment or disability requires police assistance.

You must report an incident to the police immediately if:

  1. A vehicle is stolen
  2. Any injury or fatality occurs to a passenger.
  3. A driver involved does not give their details to the other driver.
  4. Third party leaves the scene of the incident.

Breakdown Management 

  1. Find an emergency breakdown area or find a safe place to pull off to the side of the road.
  2. Park vehicle as far to the left hand side as possible.
  3. Activate your hazard lights.
  4. Activate parking lights, if it is dark, rainy or foggy.
  5. Leave the vehicle if it is safe to do so.  Before exiting the vehicle please ensure you check the traffic, leave from the passenger side if possible, take passengers with you and stand clear of the road and behind the roadside barrier ( if safe to do so).
  6. If you remain in the vehicle, seatbelts should be fastened and, where possible, sit in the seats furthest from the traffic.
  7. Call the responsible operator on 0499986085 to arrange assistance.
  8. Avoid crossing the road.
  9. Do not work on the vehicle yourself waiting for roadside assistance.

Important points to remember:

  1. Check on safety of all passengers first
  2. Ambulance and Police immediately if someone is injured or there has been a fatality
  3. Contact Police as mentioned above.
  4. Advise responsible operator ASAP.
  5. Ascertain should the passengers stay in the vehicle or wait outside of the vehicle until assistance arrives.  If passengers refuse to comply with driver instructions, please explain this is for their own safety. If passengers still refuse to comply, please write down exact instructions, time of incident and what happened (EG customer left site).  Please include all this information on the incident report.
  6. Under no circumstances admit liability or fault in a collision.
  7. Remove any debris from the road if it is safe to do so.
  8. Obtain contact details from all parties involved in the incident.
  9. Contact the responsible operator to arrange alternative transport arrangements for passengers.
  10. If a vehicle is safe to drive, do a complete inspection of the vehicle before proceeding.
  11. Complete incident report ASAP and hand into responsible officer on return to office.