Our “new normal” premium transfer service

Australian medical authorities have communicated that  the COVID-19 virus or Coronavirus is primarily transmitted by touch. The overall risk of contracting the Coronavirus in Australia remains low, however, as a precaution, we have implemented standard hygiene and safety  measures to mitigate further risk of transmission:

  • Vehicles are equipped with hand sanitisers, wipes, and tissues.
  • Drivers will avoid physical contact (e.g. handshakes, handling of passenger luggage, maintain social distancing rules outside of vehicles)
  • Vehicles are fitted with rear opening automatic doors
  • Vehicles allow social distancing if passenger numbers are limited to 4
  • Vehicles have leather interiors which allow surfaces to be easily sanitised
  • All Interior surfaces in vehicles, including door handles (inside and outside) are cleaned & disinfected after every booking.
  • All services require pre-booking to allow sufficient time for scheduled cleaning of vehicles
  • Divers have downloaded  COVIDsafe app as per government advice.
  • Drivers have not left Tasmania in the past 90 days.
  • Drivers feeling unwell or displaying cold/flu like symptoms will not be rostered for the duration of their illness.
  • A variety of child restraints are available upon request

We thank you for your support and we look forward to safely getting you to your next destination.